Claire Johnson Design believes that great design is more than just aesthetics  -  it's about telling your story with clarity and impact.  

This journey began with a background in Special Education and a passion for storytelling through costume design.  Combining these two pieces, I've honed the art of organizing information in a beautiful way ensuring your message shines through, and your audience is engaged.​​​​​​
The perfect fusion of 
message and creativity. 
Whether you're an established nonprofit, a startup ready to make your mark, or a business seeking a creative edge in the digital realm, I can help.  I excel in a wide range of design services from digital marketing and social media management to event promotion, or marketing materials, you're covered.​​​​​​​
Sprinkle Some Clarity on
Your Brand!
Discover the stories I've brought to life - transforming ideas into visual masterpieces that make a statement.
Check out my work to see how my designs could make your brand stand out!
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